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Among many other items, we continue to specialize in Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Meat, and Fresh Bakery items.
We began with the aim to provide quality products to the market. With convenience as its main focus, free home delivery, 24 hours service and their unwavering commitment, Lifco Supermarkets have driven growth and created a loyal customer base by supplying essential commodities across the entire region in easily accessible locations.

We are one of the leaders in the field of providing fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers with an exceptional reputation that is built on consistent high standards of quality and service.
Our long experience of service in this region has provided us with the resources and detailed knowledge required to deal with the varying and sometimes challenging demands of our clients both quickly and efficiently with our fresh products.

Our goal is to bring a little more fresh into your life through our fresh products. And that’s why we are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for you to add fresh produce to your diet. Fresh fruits are not only the healthy option to your life, but if properly produced, they add great taste to your life as well!

We are passionate about providing our customers top class service and products. We are proud to be bringing gourmet meat products right to your door. We offer our customers beef and veal products from premium brands, fresh from the farmlands, all halal.

We took great pleasure in providing happiness to our customers through food. Each and every item produced is lovingly handmade, with great pride taken in the preparation, baking and delivery. The recipes are inspired by both authentic local ingredients, as well as international favourites.

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